Katie Price Gets Married – Super Fast Wedding Planning

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Katie Price allegedly got engaged on Christmas day and married two weeks later. This is impressively fast wedding planning by anybody’s standards. You can see the photos here. She definitely looks the part, she’s wearing a veil etc, but what sort of intense organisation went on during those two weeks?

That’s a whole week less than on “Don’t tell the bride!” and we all know what an arduous struggle it is to get that task done. On the plus side, Katie Price is a woman, so she would at least have been able to multi-task the project 😉

It does probably help, that she’s been up the aisle before. I’m not being catty, just practical. For a start she would know exactly which wedding dress shape would suit her, could probably just relay her requirements to a designer over the phone and then have her driver pick it up.

That’s the hard bit done. Having a destination wedding (she got married in the Bahamas) meant that she could get over the hurdle of invitation etiquette and making sure the guests knew the when and where details six weeks before the event.

Katie Price Wedding in Conclusion

Florists must have been falling over themselves to provide the arrangements and bouquet for her. A bit of exposure in a national paper goes a long way. I understand that it is a lot easier to get married, looking fabulous, if you’re a celebrity and so in conclusion, why wait?!

Weddings are what we’re all about here over on Monty Manatee Weddings and her latest wedding is what Katie Price has presented to the masses. Can’t help thinking though, sometimes it’s good to take a little time to think about these things, make sure you’ve made the right decisions, got all the tiny wedding details you might want included on your special day…

Of course, the other way of looking at it: Katie Price is rich, beautiful and basking on the Bahamas. Perhaps it should be me speeding up my decisions? Carpe Dium and all that. Ah go on then, I will eat that piece of cake I’ve been deliberating over all morning!