Boozy Wedding Cakes And Why They are the Best!

booze wedding cakes

Boozy wedding cakes! What’s not to like? For your delightful tastes today, I have found some excellent boozy wedding cakes for you to make yourself. Don’t get carried away though and start baking if your wedding’s not for a year….ah, go on then. If you think really hard, you’ll probably be able to think of somebody who would like a boozy wedding cake for their birthday!

Boozy wedding cakes with easy to follow recipes

I had to find easy-to-follow recipes for you, because I’m the first to confess that I am a hopeless cake-baker myself. I feel empathy towards all the other rubbish cake makers out there and I want you to know you’re not alone. It isn’t just that my cakes aren’t level, or that I’ve burnt them all a bit (although that does happen), it’s more that they always taste gross!

Having learnt the error of my ways, I now try to stay away from any baking of cakes that needs to be done, unless of course there is call for boozy wedding cakes. Booze covers up all misdemeanors and lack of actual baking skills, no?!

For amazing recipes, including those which turn absinthe and amaretto into cakes, check out these top 10 boozy cake recipes but if cupcakes are more your thing…they’re even easier to make!!