5 Emotions You Should Be Feeling

Some of the negative feelings are natural since we are human beings, others are red flags. But for the purpose of today’s post, I wanted to focus on what you should be feeling for one of the most important days of your life!

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I never had a creative bone in my body and it wasn’t until I was hunting down decor ideas for my wedding that my inner child manifested. Your wedding should inspire you whether or not you plan to do a lot of DIY decor or none at all.

You will still be imagining up what the day will look like and feel like. The workings of an artist right there! Your wedding is your canvas, let your creativity shine to make your wedding uniquely you!


When you sit down and think about it, finding love and being loved in return is a beautiful thing that not many people get to feel. Embrace it and truly be thankful for all that is around you.

Yes, you may not like that towel set that your aunt just insisted you needed even if it doesn’t match the colors you want for your house. The gift came from her love and happiness for you. Be thankful that you have people in your life who care even if they frustrate you. Be thankful that you got your man to back you up!


The engagement period is a great trial time for many couples. You end up doing a lot of practicing of “we” versus “me”. You have to make decisions together and even compromise.

As husband and wife we are to serve each other. If you aren’t already feeling that selfless feeling towards your man, better get practicing! This is a time to put him first and to focus on his happiness along with yours. You never want to go into a marriage on a “me” mentality!



Things are going to come up in your planning that might freak your mother out. Or freak your fiancee out. Or better yet, send you in a tail spin! But maintain an optimistic attitude and that feeling of it-will-all-work-out will help you deal with the stress.

I remember when we had to change our wedding date, people where surprised that I wasn’t freaking out. I just knew it all was for a reason and it most definitely was!


The wedding isn’t about you, isn’t about the party or the cake or the favors. It is about God’s Love. God gave His son for us just because he loves us! And then to give us the ability to love others as He loves us along with finding our spouse? Really, take moments in your wedding planning journey to think about the gift you have been given. Then give praise to the Lord!